Shang Yang


The homeless population in the United States is on the rise for the first time in nearly a decade.

And of the three million people who experienced homelessness last year, 70% are categorized as situationally homeless.

These are people with jobs and families, yet they still find themselves on the fringes of society. They're overlooked.

While the plight of the situationally homeless seems distant from our own lives, many of their circumstances can be experienced by anyone.

Overlooked's mission is to drive empathy for the homeless with a personalized, interactive story.




To bring an example of our story to life, we used our classmate Billy.

We plugged his personal information into the demo (the names of his wife and son, their occupations, names of local establishments), and asked him to walk through it. 

Opening Scene.

You must make the choice of which bill to pay, and which to ignore, each having its own consequence.

Stretching yourself too thin costs you both physically and financially.

The end scene. You are now without a home.

This is a more detailed walk-through:

Regardless of your decision, you move closer and closer to losing your home.

The story ends with us asking you to take action. Since we already know your general location, we provide local charities and organizations to provide a more direct contribution to your community.

Airbnb partnership to bring awareness to situational homelessness.


with experience designer  Aaron Wachbstock  and writer Brian Marcolini